How to use Agile & Scrum to develop software efficiently?

Life has eventually become easier and better. Appropriate software should be developed for best results. The software is a program that is run on a computer. It instructs the computer to perform specific tasks. This article will give you an insight of how to carry out the activity by the use of Agile & Scrum.


Agile development refers to classifying procedures that are depending on their iterative growth to enhance software development. Agile development processes should be within the set Manifesto. The solutions and necessities develop if the self-organizing team collaborate with the cross functional team. The methods advocate for a management process that aid in the following;

• Frequent examination and adaptation.
• A qualified and well-supported teamwork by the leaders.
• Accountability and self-planning.
• Best engineering practices with the aim of delivering quality software.
• A business model capable of fulfilling the customers’ needs and the goals of the organization.


It is a set procedure that is used in the development of software. The framework involves a lightweight process that is used in development. A particular set of tasks is done as directed to have consistency with the framework. Development cycles known as Sprints are required in the context process while pair programming requires XP framework. The process involves little work. It saves a lot of time.

Specific notions and tasks such as time boxes, responsibility, and artifacts differentiate it from other procedures. Complicated software and product growth use it for management by practicing increment and iteration. Time is saved, and productivity is increased remarkably. Organizations can smoothly adjust to the ever changing demands. This creates a product that helps in accomplishing the actual business goals.

Advantages to the firm
• Deliverables increase in quality.
• Adapt well to change.
• Estimates provided are better and less time is used to create them.
• More control of the project program and state.

You must comprehend the following significant terms used for you to understand how to develop software efficiently;

1. Team.

This consists of database people, developers, product owner, support people, master, and a tester. They work together relatively and at intervals to create and apply the features.

2. Sprint.

The duration in which the work should be completed and presented for review or deployment is called Sprint. It lies between 2-4 weeks in most cases.

3. Product Owner.

The primary stakeholder of the developed application is the product owner. He or she is responsible for customer clarification. The team should be able to access the product owner whenever they need him.

4. Master.

The master coordinates the team and ensures that they produce and progress efficiently.

5. User Story.

The necessities implemented are called user story. They appear in the form of a short paragraph.

6. Epics.

The unspecified user stories reserved for the future are called Epics.

7. Product Backlog.

User stories get stored in a place called Product Backlog that is managed by the owner.

8. Sprint Backlog.

All the collected user stories that are worked on by the team at a particular sprint are known as Sprint Backlog.

9. Story Points.

Story points quantify and show the complication in the user story. The complexity gets presented as small, medium, or high.

10. Burn Down Chart.

It tracks the everyday work of the team to determine whether the progress towards completion of the user stories is achievable within a particular sprint.

11. Velocity.

The total of all story points stored by the team within a particular sprint is known as speed. It helps in judging the team’s efforts.


Software development is as follows:

a) Plan for a meeting
The team gathers for a meeting. The product owner chooses a user story according to priority. They size the story based on its complexity after discussing it.

b) Implementing of Sprint Tasks
The team works on the user story until it is finished.

c) Daily Meetings.
The team should meet daily for at least 15 minutes to articulate on what each member did yesterday, plans for today, and any barriers available.

d) Meeting to Review.
The team member should come together to demonstrate the applied user stories to the owner after every sprint.

e) Retrospective Meeting.
The meeting is held by the team after every sprint to brainstorm on what went on smoothly, the rough times, learned lessons, and actions to take on specific items.


The above methodologies may be difficult for some people at the beginning. Your application will start growing if you have enough practice and sufficient resources. Allocating the team members for self-study and presenting their findings every day offers an excellent platform for knowledge and skill enhancement on this development.

Samsung Galaxy S9 The Ultimate Game Changer

Galaxy S9 From Samsung is happens to be the phone of the year recently and the company Samsung has managed to achieve the top rankings this year because of this spectacularly amazing smart phone Samsung Galaxy S9 which has now becomes the leading brand of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a complete range of mindboggling feature which has changed the ideas of smart phone these days, The all new Samsung Galaxy S9 is available for the Samsung users to avail this exciting phone and get all the fitting features which is desperately wanted from the individuals in a Samsung Smart phone and this year with the release of a Samsung Galaxy S9 all the waiting is over and the users will find the phone that they has been desired for years. The Samsung S9 is a technology marvel and looks very similar to the previously released S8 but in terms of features the phone has whole lot more to present to the spectators.

This impressive Smart phone Samsung Galaxy S9 has brilliant options inducted in the phone which surely needs you to check in order to obtain more Intel about this sizzling hot smart phone.

Embracing DesignThere are technological upgrades in the Samsung galaxy S9 which makes every bit of this smart phone much premium than ever, S9 is constructed with Aluminum and glass design which appears to be ultra refined and smooth while holding it on your hand, gorilla glass version 5 which is the latest one that is used to give extra protection to the front screen of the phone.Samsung Galaxy S9 has a ultra refined design once you give a close glance at the phone it has all the screen which means you can view more of the screen from the front side and has curvy edges and thin fine line on the sides that looks finest from the sides as well as from the front. The phone is even better with the past predecessors and it has the ability to survive the falls and drop this and its able to bear up a good amount of water and dust due to the IP68 certified specialization so the new Samsung Galaxy S9 will be able to resist a reasonable amount of dust and water to a depth of 1.5 meter for the duration of half an hour or more. Special dedicated keys which are present in almost every new modular smart phone of today which are the volume managing keys and Power keys. Both of the keys will be directed in separate directions the volume controlling ones are constructed at the left side while the power keys will be on the right side so when holding the phone the user will easily control these function one handedly.

The back of the phone looks very smooth and glossy because of the glass that has been used in the making of this phone and right in the center of the rear the S9 is presented with the back camera that’s simply awesome in providing you quality snaps and photos which becomes memory for later the rear photo shooting camera is in the center with the flash positioned right close to the camera and the Finger print sensor beneath the camera which is constructed with rectangular outline. The Samsung emblem is incorporated to a distant position which shines on the back and look captivating.

Front of the Galaxy S9 is comprised with Front snapping selfie camera which is brilliant in seeking different snaps and selifies of you and the scenic nature of the world’s most exhilarating places, the USB charging slot is offered in the bottom front and the head phone jack on the top front so you can easily enjoy the music while you are on the move. The phone from every dimensional looks bigger and Holding the Samsung Galaxy S9, you’ll absolutely feel that you’ve got a phone now that’s worth whole lot more than your spending.

Enticing DisplayDisplay of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S9 is very enticing to notice the display size of the Phone is 5.8 inch which is visibly good enough to view something on this exciting smart phone which is very manageable with one hand and still offers a great captivating screen. Being judging the phone individually the Samsung S9 bring in the finest color reproduction, advance brightness and superb sharpness over all the phone has very absorbing and enticing display which surprise the consumers at first peak.

Dominant hardware and SoftwareSamsung Galaxy S9 is a fully enhances and improved software and hardware specs today the hardware of t he phone includes Octa-core (4×2.7 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4×1.7 GHz Kryo 385 Silver processor, Exynos 9810 Octa chipset and last but not the least is the Mali-G72 MP18 GPU if you look at the hardware specs of the phone from the previous iterations the phone is completely upgraded which posses qualities of an revise and dominant hardware which work efficiently when performing several task. As per the software part the OS of the phone is most recent one Android 8.0 Oreo that has the ability to process different applications, downloading without any delay. Both hard ware and software is very current in accordance to the technology which stands and deliver the needs of the today’s customer reliably well.

Storage CapabilityStorage is yet another commanding feature of a smart phone while storage wise the Samsung Galaxy S9 is integrated with 4GB of RAM along with the 64 GB of storage, The Ram will help the user to the multitasking on this smart phone while the internal storage is good enough to hold up all the data which is vey important from the consumer point of view. However if you have the requirement to have more space you can put in a Memory Card that will expand your storage up to 256 GB with the usage of Sim slot 2 Since it’s a dual Sim model, the storage configuration is pretty reliable in the phone and that what’s makes it one of most authoritative feature of the Smart phone termed as Samsung Galaxy S9.

Camera SupremacySamsung Galaxy S9 proves to have the most preeminent camera on both front and back the back camera is presented with 12 Mega pixel that manage to take stunning pictures regardless of Day and night the camera works extremely well in the low light as well Samsung Galaxy S9 with the 12 mp camera has take a huge leap toward future in providing the high quality photos any time evidently , The front camera is consist of 8 mega pixel which delivers stunning selfies which stylish shots indoor and outdoor. Samsung has apparently determined that the company wants the cameras of S9 to fabricate images that are more natural-looking, and they succeeded in doing so by producing camera that works like a pro. The Back and front cameras has taken charge in the camera category when comparing them with the previous versions of Samsung models.

Long-term BatteryLike the Previous model of Samsung which is Samsung Galaxy S8 the S9 also inducted with non replicable battery with the capacity of 3000 MAH. The battery is long term and it will pleases you by working all day long in one single charge and in case if you running out of battery you can charge it right up with the quick charge 2.0 that will give a boosting energy to your phone and charge more than half with in 30 min or so. The Battery of t he S9 like every other component is high powered and it will keep your phone going all day long without any hinder.

Sensors And ConnectivesSamsung GALAXY S9 offered varied sensors Like the finger print sensor which is relied on the back of the phone and apart from the Finger print sensor the phone has Iris scanner, fingerprint (rear-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, heart rate and more. while the connectivity features of the phone is include with NFC, USB, GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi and other options likes wireless charging , Bixby natural language commands, Mp3 and Mp4 Player, Document editor, photo video editor, Samsung DeX and more.

ConclusionSamsung Galaxy S9 is an inspiring phone due to the revolutionary endorsement by the company Samsung it’s expected to be the best phone of the recent Year. is giving you the ease and access to get the Samsung Galaxy S9 price in Pakistan. Galaxy S9 ring a bell us why Samsung remains a leading brand in the Android array every year.

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